Gyeongnam Pakistani Community


-The number of residents: 12,762(as of Nov. 30th 2019)
-The number of residents in Gyeongnam: 1,095
-Type of migration: Non-expert worker

directions_walkHistory of the community

1998.9 establishment(current president: Rashid Muhammad, the number of members: approximately 800)
1998~2003 took part in a campaign against the Industrial Trainee system(ITS)
1999.3 organized the first migrant workers‘ strike, which accelerated establishment of other migrant communities
2003.12 participated in a 100 day protest against forced deportation of undocumented workers
2005 participated in the Asian Multicultural Festival
2010~2020 participated in the MAMF
2014 co-organized the Southwest Asian sports day for the New Year
2016 co-organized the Southwest Asian Cricket Competition 
2019.11 volunteered for ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit and ASEAN Fantasia
2020 organized a meeting with a Pakistani consul
2021.2 released a joint statement against the military government of Myanmar
2021.5 released a joint statement for residential rights for foreign workers (on Labor Day)
2021.8 released a joint statement to urge Covid relief funds for all
2021.9 organized a promotion group of migrants for MAMF2021 

menu_bookKey Activities

-Human rights movement the campaign against the Industrial Trainee system(ITS), joint-statement on the International Labour Day
-Self-governing Activities Eid festival to celebrate independence, goodbye and birthday parties for community members, support programs for community members, work place safety trainings, driving course for foreign-born residents, summer camp and day tour, fundraisers for democracy movement of Myanmar, Gyeongnam Migrants Center

people_outlineKey Figures

- BASHARAT ALI a migrant worker who filed the petition against the industrial trainee system to the constitutional court in August, 2004. Thanks to him, the constitutional court ruled that the industrial trainee system is unconstitutional.

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