Gyeongnam Cambodian Community


-The number of residents: 45,475(as of Nov. 30th 2019)
-The number of residents in Gyeongnam: 4,775
-Type of migration: Non-expert worker, marriage

directions_walkHistory of the community

2009 started organized activities
2010~2020 participated in the MAMF(concerts, food booth, parade, etc.)
2013.1 won the 1st prize at MAMF Multicultural Parade 
2014 officially established the community (current president: Kheang Senghout, the number of members: approximately 3500)
2016 participated in MAMF2016 as the featured country
2016 International Friendship and Cooperation City Convention was signed between Changwon and Sihanouk
2016~2019 organized an international potluck with other migrant communities
2018 a secretary to the Prime Minister met with the community for encouragement
2018 organized a political discussion session before the Cambodian election
2019.11 volunteered for ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit and ASEAN Fantasia
2021.2 released a joint statement against the military government of Myanmar
2021.5 released a joint statement for residential rights for foreign workers (on Labor Day)
2021.8 released a joint statement to urge Covid relief funds for all 
2021 established the Cambodian Farming cooperative
2021.9 organized a promotion group of migrants for MAMF2021

menu_bookKey Activities

-Human rights movement joint-statement on the International Labour Day
-Self-governing Activities New Year’s celebration, free haircut day, Korean classes for members, summer camp and day tour, fundraisers for Gyeongnam Migrants Center, participation in the democracy movement of Myanmar, etc.

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