Gyeongnam Uzbekistan Community


-The number of residents: 62,076(as of Nov. 30th 2019)
-The number of residents in Gyeongnam: 7,186
-Type of migration: Non-expert worker, marriage

directions_walkHistory of the community

2001 established CIS
2001~2003 took part in a campaign against the Industrial Trainee system(ITS)
2003.9 volunteered for victims of the typhoon, Maemi
2008.9 participated in the Asian Multicultural Festival 
2010~2020 participated in the MAMF
2011 campaign for the anti-discrimination law
2014.9 official establishment of the community
2017~2019 organized an international potluck with other migrant communities
2017 visited the blue house to welcome the Uzbekistan president
2021.2 released a joint statement against the military government of Myanmar
2021.5 released a joint statement for residential right for foreign workers (on Labor Day)
2021.8 released a joint statement to urge Covid relief fund for all  

menu_bookKey Activities

-Self-governing Activities Navruz festival, independence day celebration, work place safety trainings, driving course for foreign-born residents, summer camp and day tour, fundraisers for democracy movement of Myanmar, Gyeongnam Migrants Center

people_outlineKey Figures

-Ku Su-jin
(Karina Kurbanova)
naturalized Korean, was denied entrance to a sauna, just because she looked foreign by appearance. She filed a petition and The National Human Rights Commission called for local authorities to set up regulations to prevent discrimination against foreign residents and tourists at such facilities.

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