Campaign song and dance

music_video Music has power to comfort, encourage, or enlighten.
Music can also show us a light at the end of a tunnel.
MAMF Campaign song and dance challenge to battle Covid 19
will create a momentum for us to move away from the shock and terror
but to move closer to a sustainable future.
We all sing together for the future.

“Everything is going to be okay.”

play_circle_outlineCampaign Song - How to dance(female version)

play_circle_outlineCampaign Song - How to dance(male version)

play_circle_outline코로나19 극복 댄스 챌린지💪ㅣ미얀마 유명 아티스트 Wyne Lay편

play_circle_outline코로나19 극복 댄스 챌린지💪ㅣ파키스탄 아티스트 Jiya Rajpoot편

play_circle_outline코로나19 극복 댄스 챌린지💪ㅣ네팔 슈퍼모델 Priya chhetri편

play_circle_outline몽골 국립예술단 'TUMEN EKH'ㅣ코로나19 극복 챌린지👊

play_circle_outline몽골 무용단 "SOD" RHYTHM ARTㅣ코로나19 극복 챌린지

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