design_services People having to live through Prejudice, isolation, discrimination and cold looks
haven’t forgotten how to dream and laugh.
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“Different is Good.”

Going Home (Episode _ Going Home)Going HomeEpisode _ Going Home

What I Want to Be... (Episode _ Going Home)What I Want to Be...Episode _ Going Home

A Day (Episode _ Going Home)A DayEpisode _ Going Home

Stigma (Episode _ Going Home)StigmaEpisode _ Going Home

Everyone Deserves to be Happy (Episode _ Going Home)Everyone Deserves to be HappyEpisode _ Going Home

2020 Webtoon “Different is Good.”

검은 고양이 (Episode _ 청소년) 사진검은 고양이Episode _ 청소년

고향이 (Episode _ 여성) 사진고향이Episode _ 여성

투명인간 (Episode _ 재난과 차별) 사진투명인간Episode _ 재난과 차별

도둑고양이 (Episode _ 이주노동자) 사진도둑고양이Episode _ 이주노동자

MAMF (Episode _ 만남과 치유) 사진MAMFEpisode _ 만남과 치유

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